The OSU School of Earth Sciences IT Support Group

Providing Information Technology Services to SES Faculty, Staff and Students.


You can obtain IT Support via phone, email or web. Our email and support numbers are located in the footer of this page and on the Contact page. We try and get to your support requests as soon as possible. However, during times of peak activity it may take up to 24 hours for a reply. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


To obtain BuckID access to a room, please Email Us and let us know what room(s) you need access to. We will also need your BuckID number. Please allow 3 working days for your request to be completed.

NOTE: The BuckID number is the number at the very bottom of your card and starts with "600908".


For the majority of instances, faculty, staff and students can utilize OSU Wireless. For connecting a computer or device to the network via Ethernet, please email You will need the MAC address of the computer or device you are requesting access for.